Sunday, March 11, 2007

Some Days Are Just Like That...

Everyone wants to reinvent him or herself now and then. There's a similar gag in Monsters Inc., but I hadn't seen it ( I don't think it had even been released) when I made this. I suspect that's how many things are --- an idea floating around in the ether until it reveals itself multiply and arbitrarily.


This really big woodcut --- almost 6' tall --- is a direct outgrowth of the crazy-pattern stuff. No prep drawing at all; inspired heavily by Munakata Shiko, I just dove in with the blade (actually, I used a Dremel.)

Searching for the Perfect Title...

This is a big painting, 4' X 6'; it's beeen through, oh, a half-dozen titles by now. Someday it'll take up residence with a loving owner who will brand it permanently. I always thought it had something to do with the recurrent mythological motif of the abandoned-child-on-the-river, as with Moses.


Some people think this is really spooky, which frankly mystifies me.


I failed to adjust the white balance on the camera before shooting this one; the color is poorly represented. Otherwise, this is an early attempt to get color into the crazily-patterned thing I'm obsessed with. A fair start.


I don't know if this is actually an Annunciation, but some sort of cross-planar deal seems to be going down.

Black and White

This piece, done on an old refrigerator door, is about as dense as I ever intend to get in this horror vacuii style I've been cultivating. I love how it looks, but it seems a tad... opaque, hermetic. Also, my hand turns into the Claw of Doom after a long session drawing on it. At any rate, I'm starting to add color to these drawings in Photoshop; we'll see how they progress.

The Temple

The Garden


Decisions, decisions...

Mercy the Rabbit