Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Red Garment

It was marvelous --- a gorgeous, frightful thing --- to witness how fast they grew.

Kissing At Sunset

It all seemed so romantic, that first kiss. Indeed, romance has everything to do with the dark.

I Sought Not Redemption.

Many so many count on annunciation floating down from on high, but hope is nearly always a lateral proposition. Out with perfect beauty; eat the carrots and burn the sticks.

Change Has Come

No wind, nor prop, nor stroke of oar propelled this barge; it would bear us nevertheless towards marvelous and hair-raising shores unimagined.


"All I remember is a scratching, sort of wood-shreddy kind of noise coming from nowhere in particular. Then, almost imperceptibly, the light began to change."


The fine, long road had crumbled since he'd last ridden this way. And anyway: what is it to return when one is one's own home?