Friday, January 02, 2009

Shiva and Shakti Commission

My Friend Susie is a yoga teacher and is deeply interested in Tantric Studies. She wanted to surprise her husband with a large painting for their bedroom; we talked for some time about the mood and feeling she was hoping to see --- loving, sensuous, integrated, and above all full of vitality. I asked Susie if she minded me flirting with garishness, and she told me to go with it. I sent 3 updates to her as I worked to ensure I was on a useful path. This is how it turned out, and I must say how pleased I am with the results. A completely enjoyable job from start to finish.

Iron Man/ Captain Commander Mural

As you might imagine, this one is for an eleven-year-old boy's bedroom. Simple, dramatic composition, rich colors, and the semi-tromp l'oeil edges graphically rendered as building silhouettes and dust clouds help to break up and enliven a large blank space.