Monday, May 05, 2008

Lowell Elementary: The small one.

So Jahnavi goes to this great public school on Capitol Hill, and I wanted to offer something to the community there. It turned out that they have a 2-flight stairwell that currently looks like a concrete-block Stalag, and when I saw the space, I knew what needed to be done.
However, that kind of work needs to happen in the summer, when kids aren't continuously streaming through. The PTA, however, saw some of my proposal drawings and became very enthusiastic, asking if I could bide my time by creating a smaller mural for the front stairwell. No problem says I; here's a watercolor version of it. I'm installing the full size, 4'x8' this week and will post the pic as soon as I get it. Taken, that is.

BTW: Yes, you're not imagining a "bridge" theme going on here. Although it may seem strange, there is no overt connection between my studio moniker and these bridges --- at least, none I'm consciously aware of. I've become interested in Ukiyo-e (Japanese for Floating World, and no, this is not borrowed either. Just, very, very synchronistic), or classical Japanese woodcuts. In some cases I've adapted the compositions plainly; other times I'm merely trying to hook into the sensibility while creating altogether new compositions.

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